Nursery Programme ~ 3 years old (Letter Skills)

Mikids teaching and learning resources is committed to high quality preschool education. The ¡°Early Years¡± children especially at 3 years old are active learners. At this stage the child¡¯s brain is at its optimal performance and they learn best through ¡°Sensorial Stimulation Approach¡±. We at Mikids believe in the optimal development of the ¡°Multiple Intelligence¡± of these children through this approach. Language and communication skills are crucial at this stage as a foundation to Preschool years. The total language skills are fundamental building blocks to the child¡¯s development. Our ¡°Early Years¡± children are stimulated through Listening, Speaking and Reading Skills to develop English Language Proficiency.

Nursery Programme ~ 3 years old

Teaching and Learning programme for nursery children. Adopting the principles of Sensorial Stimulation Approach the lessons encourages the method of fun, active learning and creative thinking. Emphasis is given to the development of English Language through Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills.

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